Friday, 14 January 2011

The search is on!

We love babywearing. Having the children so close is a wonderful feeling, and we do love the excitement of all the different carriers and lovely colourways and fabrics too.

Recently, our beloved Joey has become a little small. Its height is perfect at 18" to the tip of the headrest, but it no longer goes quite knee to knee on Moo. So the search is on for its replacement. We think an inbetween size may be best. I've looked at dream carriers- they seem pricey. I've looked at Olives and Applesauce- not sure wether full buckle or half would be best. And then there are Kinderpacks- in my dreams. Recently I have begun drooling over Ocahs too.

We love the colourway of our Joey- this was just after Moo's first birthday- it fitted perfectly.

Our needs: both children are arms out, so something maybe 16 or 17" high would be good. Our Joey is 15" wide so I think Moo would need a 16 or 17". Depending on seat darts that is. Beanie has recently decided on our long walks that Daddy ought to carry him. So a toddler carrier is needed for him too. Maybe an 18".

So the quest is on. I have this beauty on holiday with us at the moment.

A Daisy Chain Wrap Conversion. Perfectly soft, beautifully comfy, just wide enough for Moo to have a bit of growing room... but sadly a little too high for my arms out toddlers. We love the applique though. Beanie calls it Gaston.

We have a Kleinsmekker, a Rose and Rebellion and a Sling-a-licious on the way for short holidays with us too! The search continues!

Catching Up

The last month or so has passed in a bit of a whirlwind. Hubby's mum was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer at the start of November and passed away on December 10th. Our time has been taken up with visiting first her, then my father-in-law, helping with arrangements and sorting different things. Then with the funeral 3 days before Christmas.

Our best laid plans, well stayed as plans! All gifts were purchased by mid-November, but we ended up in a mad dash to wrap them as different people visited and I think my cards were only posted a day or two before Christmas. So despite being reasonably organised, my goal next year is to be that little bit more organised.

Still, we had a lovely Christmas. My father-in-law stayed with us, and the children received some lovely gifts.

A picture catch up:

Some of Beanie's gifts

Decorating the tree

Tree number two!

Cuddles with Grandad and a beautiful rag Doll