Thursday, 11 August 2011

Tea Towels!

I recently took part in a tea towel exchange on This is the tea towel I sent to a lovely mama...

 ...and this is the gorgeous one which I received!

Handmade and homemade gifts mean so much to me, so I was chuffed to bits with my tea towel. It's really cheered me up! And the mama who created it has also inspired me to get my sewing machine out and jazz up my own tea towels. I've been so busy lately, taken on too much, said yes to too many things, that I haven't had time for the things or people I enjoy. I feel really guilty that the tea towel I sent wasn't handmade. It's my mission to re-prioritise and find more time to be.

Thank you so much, whoever you are. Your gift means an awful lot to me, and has really touched me. xxx