Friday, 19 July 2013

In anticipation of the summer holidays!

I'm placing a link here:

to inspire me to get the paints, arts and crafts and messy play things out this summer.

And this:

to inspire us to be more wild and free!

I'll let you know how we get on!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013


We had a fantastic weekend camping! Packing was a bit hasty as The Boy had sports day in the morning, so by the time I got home I had an hour and a half to pack the car! Consequently I forgot a few things! Like shoes for The Boy, and towels!


Making up their own 'Sports Day' style races!


Small loved the trampoline!

The mud kitchen was a hit too!


A day trip to the seaside

He did this all weekend!
We had the site to ourselves for the first afternoon and evening and the children made themselves at home, exploring the play kitchen and running around the meadow! It was very peaceful and there was so much there for the children to do. We enjoyed a barbecue tea and just relaxing while the children ran off some steam. The Boy loves to be wild and free and is a calmer, happier and more contented child in the open air! We had a lovely trip to the seaside on Saturday and enjoyed playing in the park, fish and chips for tea and a lovely ice cream too.
We were joined by another family on Saturday evening and the children enjoyed showing two new small people around and having someone else to play with! We left early Sunday as Moo had her dancing lesson, but we can't wait to go back!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

In Anticipation....

We've been waiting for summer for quite a while now. It seems to come for a day and then go again. The children really want to start camping! We really ought to get some better sleeping bags and a porch for the tent so that the slight chill at nights and muddy footprints in the tent aren't an issue in June, and we can make the camping season longer.

This weekend, we have promised them we will go to a new site which has opened nearby and comes highly recommended. We've heard good things and seen lovely photos!

It's been a busy week! Moo had her induction day at Big School on Monday, The Boy has his school report tonight and tomorrow is their sports day! Then next week is Moo's 4th Birthday, with her party next Sunday, so we are busy party planning and present buying!

Lots of photos to come!