Friday, 15 July 2011

Turning Two

We have recently celebrated Moo's second birthday! Where have those two years gone? Just a few snaps of her day...

She had a lovely day!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Home Grown Strawberries

I wouldn't say we were anything even approaching self-sufficient, nor do we, at present ,aspire to be. We do however like to grow a few favourites at home. Especially strawberries. It started off a few years ago, as one large hessian planter with holes in the sides, with 8 different varieties growing. This was lovely and we got  to try different varieties, but sometimes there was barely enough for a bowlful as they ripened at different times. So over the past few years we have grown other planters, pots, baskets and so on with our favourite varieties.

This is our third punnet full of the year.

This little hand appeared as I was trying to take a picture- strawberries are Moo's favourite.


What to do with a glut of strawbs? A yummy strawberry and cream cake.