Friday, 10 December 2010

An inspirational Mama

I read about this mama on a forum I use. After losing her three month old son to Meningitis, she is determined to raise greater awareness of the signs and to fundraise in his memory. She is also donating breastmilk. Her strength is inspirational.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Doing what we like to do!

We've not been up to much lately.... just a bit of mooching about the place doing bits and bobs. Not a lot of going out as it is a bit cold and slippy. So this is a little snapshot of what we have enjoyed doing this week.

Moo likes playing with a wooden toy which I got many moons ago from Freecycle. Its consists of four stacking hollow cyclinders (if you get what I mean!) which fit one inside the other, on top of which go 4 stacking shapes to create a pyramid. A bit complex for her now but she enjoys the two smallest cylindrical shapes.

She likes to post the smallest one inside the next size up one, but can't figure out why it just won't stay in and keeps falling out of the bottom! She has a good few attempts, each time she plays, before giving up and moving onto something else!

Beanie likes a simple little car track, given to Little Man for a gift when he was a similar age. He likes to sit and watch the car go around and around!


And I did a spot of proper cooking on Sunday. We had a lovely Sunday Roast. We've been so busy the last few weeks. I worked a few Sundays and we have visited my parents-in-law a few times too. It feels like ages since I cooked a Roast. I was quite proud of these Yorkshires!