Friday, 30 August 2013

Play Day!

We went to a Fun Day! Here's our pictures! 




 It was so much fun, we can't wait to go back!


Change is in the air...

We get our eggs from a lovely farm, not too far away, who make their own ice cream. Any excuse for us to have a tub, then a walk in the nearby woodland. It's lovely seeing the subtle difference each time we go. Everything seems green, alive and vibrant this time. You could tell change was afoot, just a little...

The kids 'do' the season table themselves and collect things, make things and also change things on the table when they think its time to. When we got home, they fetched the basket and made a subtle change or two....

The Boy took the last photo, he insisted!

Saturday, 10 August 2013

All in a day's work!

We've been fruit picking a few times this year, but usually manage to eat everything we have picked within a day or so. I've been wanting to have a try at jam making for a couple of years and not got round to it, so we decided to all have a go. We picked the fruit in the morning and had it made into jam by the afternoon. 2 jars of strawberry and 2 of raspberry. They are both delicious and I doubt they will last very long! We'll be making some more for Christmas gifts I think.

Fun at the Fair

The fair came to a nearby village. We don't normally bother with funfairs as they can be so expensive, but this one seemed more craft stalls and just a few kids slides, rides and things. The children really enjoyed it!

Friday, 9 August 2013

Mud, mud, glorious mud!

We've been doing lots of organising in the garden. Trying to make it into a place for the senses to be really stimulated. It took a while for me to persuade my other half that we ought to have a mud kitchen. The kids love any opportunity to play with mud.

This patch is our herb spiral. The children really enjoyed collecting the stones for the spiral and smelling the herbs in the garden centre.


Gruffalo hands!

Cooling down.... and splashing around!

There's definitely only one thing to be done when it's 35 degrees for most of the afternoon, 3 days in a row! We've been having loads of fun with the paddling pool, sprinkler, water table and making our own water slide. Both of the big children have been really enjoying water play for a few months now, Moo especially has been really enjoying scooping, pouring, tipping, sieving and fishing! I bought a cheap fishing set with a rod and some fish and some plastic ducks as well as some pieces of guttering to enhance their water play. They also like to tip water on the bottom of the slide! Today was the first day we could play not just with the water table, but also with the paddling pool and sprinkler.

I love their expressions in these two pictures!

The water play is also a chance for them to water the garden and the many things we have been growing this year. It also means I feel less guilty for filling the paddling pool as the water is always re-used on the plants! Beanie especially loves to water the tomatoes and is enjoying the anticipation of the first one to start to turn red!

Shadows are fascinating too at the moment, and they love watching their shadow change and move as they play on the swing.

I maybe shouldn't have let them do this... but it did look like fun!