Sunday, 30 June 2013

A welcome day off!

The children both had a day off school mid-week and mid-term due to the local County Show. We headed out of county and spent a day at a Farm Shop with 'bits on the side' and also strawberry picking!

We figured as all the schools in the county had the day off, everywhere would be busy, so headed south for a day out. We've passed a Farm shop a number of times on the way to my brother-in-law's house. It's one of those farm shops with a café and a big banner outside promising tractor rides, farm walks, animals and an adventure play area.

It was a bit of a let down really. The café was pricey, and there was no where to have a packed lunch. The adventure play area was a tiny soft play with just a ladder up to a slide which wasn't at all whizzy, and a bit dirty. There was a digger and a tractor which worked when fed with a pound coin!The farm walk turned out to be a wander down to the lake and back to feed the ducks and fish. The animals consisted of a field of sheep, which you could only look at, along with some goats in another area with two pigs thrown in. The Boy took a fancy to the goats adventure playground which consisted of two ladder either end of a series of planks crossing through some trees.

Still, we spent an hour or so wandering around, but wouldn't go back in a rush.

Fish in the pond! There was a scary moment when The Boy decided getting closer was necessary and walked down the steep bank!

A damsel fly caught the children's attention and they both stayed amazingly still to watch it!
After lunch, we went strawberry picking. Last year we couldn't find anywhere local which did pick your own! I asked around, searched the internet. But nothing. This year I looked further afield and found a 'pick your own' around 45 mins away, so we thought we'd give it a try. It was fab and we will definitely be going back!

It was close to an airfield so The Boy enjoyed watching the planes flying overhead. Four took off while we were there, much to his joy.

Teeny tiny kittens.

It took them a while to get the hang of 'slowing down'! Don't just grab any strawberries, check them all over and make sure they are red!

Someone ate more than ended up in her punnet!

The highlight of the visit was the line of trees at the edge of the picking field, perfect for small boys to climb!

Our bounty!

On the way home we passed a home with flowers for sale outside. These were my £1 bargain and have stayed fresh for 4 days now! I love them!
Must figure out how to rotate photos!

Down on the Farm

We visited a local working farm for Open Farm Sunday. Here's our highlights!

The sheepdog demonstration really had the kids hooked. They both had a go at calling the dog, and were chuffed to bits when it followed their commands.

Feeding the lambs! The Boy is never sure what do when he's close to animals, and is definitely out of his comfort zone. I was pleased he was happy to let the lambs eat from his hand.

Pond dipping aka thank heavens we brought the waterproofs as The Boy ended up in the stream to his knees!

Catching mud in a net!

A long walk back as the trailer had gotten a puncture!
They both slept all the way home!