Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Thrift shop bargains and a stroll around the block.

We've had a slow day today. We wandered across to our friendly neighbourhood thrift shop, a sort of charity shop. Basically, you open an account, take your 'like new/still lots of wear left' things in and they sell them on your behalf, but you get 80% of the selling price back. They keep 20% and donate to local groups such as youth clubs, Brownies, schools etc. If your things don't sell in 8 weeks they go to the charity shops in town. The vast majority of the stock is children's clothes, shoes and toys so it's great for us, we always find something.

This is what we picked up this morning.
For Moo: A waterproof, a shrug type cardi and a rag doll.
For Beanie: Lightening McQueen book, Bigjigs Geoboard, 2 pairs of Jeans and some Clark's shoes.
                                                               All for £10.30- how fab!

They are having a charity coffee morning on Thursday, so we will be along again to hunt for more bargains and also buy some yummy cake! The lady who runs it also has her own cupcake business and makes the most delicious coffee and walnut cake too!

After our thrift shop visit we had a little wander. Beanie decided there were owls at 'Daddy work' so we wandered along to see him! On the way he had a look at the fish in the police station pond and chatted to the man changing the street lamps. On the way home he re-visited the police pond fish, chatted to a police man, decided that we should go and see our allotment, laughed at his voice echoing in the bus-shelter-hut thing, got quite cross that there were no tractors in the farmer's field today and twirled round a pole for at least five minutes. It took us that long to get home that daddy caught us up, heading home for lunch.

Just a little wander around our neighbourhood then.