Saturday, 16 April 2011

Oh Tulikowo, how I adore thee!

My truly beautiful Tulikowo mei tai. A work of art!

with zip on/off sleephood attached

exquisite applique

oh so comfy

and the sleepy dust works too!

sleepy dust works on days out with daddy too!
'Tis an absolute beauty, and perfectly knee-to-knee, but not too high on the back for arms out, so it will be staying a while! The *only* thing I am not entirely sure about is the cord straps. Still getting used to them. Other than that is beautiful, exquisite, amazing and a work of art!

Pics taken on Mother's Day, at Sacrewell Farm- we had a lovely day. Daddy pic taken at the Owl sanctuary, Beanie is currently obsessed with Owl Babies and owls in general!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Caramel Shortbread

We've all been full of coughs, colds, headaches and runny noses here so I decided to do some baking to cheer us all up, feed a cold and all that!

This is a fab recipe for caramel shortbread and works every time. Its a favourite in our house and a few slices always make their way into Daddy's work as well.

I use a different brand of condensed milk though, its quite hard to find condensed milk other than' a certain brand', but worth it!